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I'm no expert gardener, naturalist or botanist but I love observing, I love detail and I love the way the changing seasons affect the landscape and its colours. This tends to be the primary source of inspiration for my jewellery.

And I like to think my jewellery will make the wearer smile. I really hope it works.

I've had a varied career, the common factor being an inordinate love of detail, small objects, design, and of course colour.

I spent many years as a specialist cartographer, producing meticulous detailed plans of ancient monuments, many of the major London museums (Natural History Museum, British Museum etc), and a stint doing more of the same in the Middle East. Latterly I dabbled in a bit of project and people management. There was, however, always that deep rooted desire to collect tiny treasures, and oh, am I good at collecting. When I unexpectedly rediscovered my grandmother's beautiful, eclectic box of buttons and trinkets, back in 2004, it led me equally unexpectedly to what I am up to today. 

Since my first solo exhibition back in 2004, I've been privileged enough to stock many well respected galleries across the UK and have met many incredible, kind, generous, talented people along the way. I take part in selected exhibitions across the country, both at regular gallery stockists and others. Alongside gallery work I undertake private commissions. My studio is still based in Dorset where it all began and the landscape around the studio is very much part of my work, as it always has been.

Maisie, the studio manager (resident cocker spaniel), is ever present - always willing to offer a distraction and a few giggles when necessary.  Therefore, to prove it's not only about the jewellery here in the studio, she's a regular on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds (links in the header and below). She is particularly excellent at marketing because of course she consistently gets more social media Likes than me...

Thank you for your support and interest. I hope you enjoy browsing the website and if I can help, let me know.

Nina Parker


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