It's late Autumn, my favourite time of year.. except perhaps for snowy winter days.. but then who doesn't love those - and more on that subject next month. 

And, I love the landscape in summer with it's rolling green meadows full of daisies and buttercups and the skylarks overhead. However, Autumn offers that muted version of the summer colour, the richer tones and always gold, plenty of gold.  There are the dusk skies, those hot red streaks as the sun sets, infused with rich yellows and vivid blue before the darkness hits.

And with the studio being at the top of the hill here in Shaftesbury, Dorset, we get to see the skies from a viewpoint over 200m above sea level. 

The moss begins to green up on the Dorset stone walls again at this time of year. And all that dampness helped by the swirling mists which descend unannounced, rendering the landscape like a scene from a gothic novel for the day. And of course the leaves. Ahh the leaves.

There is nothing like wrapping up and getting out, and then coming back and appreciating the indoors for its warmth. On a crisp dry day after a strong wind the lanes here are strewn with lichen covered oak twigs just waiting to be collected and shoved in jugs, mine on the studio table, and also if you are me, to be used as props on which to drape jewellery for the odd photo for the website, Twitter and Facebook. And there are conkers, smooth and shiny as the shoes I had when I was 5 or 6. I spend a good deal of time searching for fat sweet chestnuts to roast in the studio fire, often without much luck, though I enjoy the forage and often find something else instead.

And a trip to the coast in Autumn gives you that beautiful duck eggy tone the sea seems to take on at this time of year and at the point it meets the sky on the horizon the two seem to melt together in one serene sigh.

Logs have been piled up outside in anticipation and the studio fire gets lit. The smell of woodsmoke fills the air while I work. There is less temptation to sneak off outside with the coffee, because it's cosier inside, so work gets done.. which is good, because this is THE busiest time of year here what with Christmas and all just up the road. And I always feel the drop in temperature justifies a few extra calories to keep you going, so the odd cheesy scone or buttery shortbread with the morning coffee is justified..ish.

So, all this was/is the inspiration for the Autumn Winter 2016 Collection. I picked the oak twigs off the ground while scrumping for apples one Sunday. Sat them in the jug, with no particular thought of jewellery at the time. And the twigs were covered in lichen in those beautiful mustardy yellow shades. And they seemed to infuse in my head with the other jug, already on the table, which was full of those dry faded blue and bleached pink hydrangeas that you sometimes find in the garden if lucky.

And then it all kind of happened.

I'd like to say there is always a grand advance plan with designing forthcoming season stock. That's rarely the case. I wish! I can sit for days with nothing 'flowing' and the pressure of waiting lists and the galleries kind enough to give me their shelf space and my head empty of ideas. Then, as unexpectedly as a winter cold arrives but far more welcome, the ideas spill out and then I can't stop, I'll be found working away in the studio well into the early hours of the morning because I worry that if I stop, those ideas will run away and then what and more than anything because I'm having fun, so much fun. 

So, these are the Autumn Winter Collection pieces..well a few of them. I really hope you like them. And I hope you can see a little of where I was coming from with the inspiration.

Parcels are leaving here every week for the galleries (see the stockists list). Some of the pieces shown here are part of the collection now available in the online store if you grab them quick.

Happy Autumn all. 

Nina Parker x